We’ve made it easy to get quick answers to common questions. When you have pressing questions about your Allied Home Warranty, you expect answers. Now. So we’ve pulled together many of the questions we’re asked most frequently. Because the more you know about your Allied Home Warranty protection, the more you’ll like it.

Home Warranty

1. What is a home warranty?
2. How can I renew my Allied home warranty?
3. Does it matter that my home systems and appliances are old?
4. Does Allied require an inspection before I purchase a plan?
5. Is there a waiting period before I can use my warranty?
6. How much can I save?


Service Questions

1. How do I request service?
2. Can I choose my own vendor?
3. Is there a fee for each visit?
4. Will I get help today?
5. Is there a limit to the number of repairs Allied covers?
6. What's the difference between a homeowner insurance policy and a home warranty plan?
7. What's an after-hours service fee?
8. Do Allied's service providers use refurbished parts?
9. Do you replace appliances with the same brand?
10. What does 'pre-existing' mean?